The Trouble with Murder–review

This is the first in a newer series that came out last December called Gourmet Cat Mysteries, by Kathy Krevat aka Kathy Aarons. She wrote The Chocolate Covered mysteries under that name. There were three in the series. I just love the cat in this series, Trouble. She’s only moody to people who seem to deserve the attitude, lol.

My Goodreads review:

The Trouble with Murder (Gourmet Cat Mystery #1)The Trouble with Murder by Kathy Krevat

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What an awesome new series! I’ve had this book since it came out, but since the second book was released today, I wanted to be sure I read this one first. There’s another really awesome cat in this story. I just love when the cats like people loving on them, and they do cute or even heroic things. Trouble, the cat in this story, was definitely a hero!

Colbie Summers and her 12-year-old son Elliott had moved to Sunnyside CA to be with her dad who had never totally recovered from pneumonia. Colbie was in a moms’ business group and when their leader was killed after a trade show they had and all the signs pointed to Colbie being the killer, she knew she had to clear her good name as well as her business’ name. With her good friends Lani and Piper on the sidelines cheering her on, Colbie did manage to come up with some information, and she even gained the respect of Detective Norma. There wasn’t exactly a showdown with the killer, but it was still exciting. With the killer confessing and behind bars, Colbie, her friends and family were able to enjoy the musical that Elliott’s summer theater camp was presenting.

I really came to like the detective on the case. She wasn’t so quick to judge Colbie and decide that she did it just because the (planted) evidence pointed that way–unlike her jerk of a partner. I was glad to see him reprimanded for the stunt he pulled, and another detective put on the case. I knew there was a strained relationship with Colbie and her dad, but now that he was living with his grandson and daughter, he was just an old softie. It was really cute when he decided to give Elliott guitar lessons. Colbie’s friend Lani is the type of friend anyone would be grateful for. She just took control when she needed to, with a heart as big as all outdoors. Her wife Piper was in it quite a bit and was also a friend of Colbie’s along with being a doctor. I liked how she could look in on Hank to see how his lungs were healing up and he wouldn’t mind it.

I liked Quincy Powell the minute Colbie met him. Anyone that would wear crazy sneakers because their granddaughter liked them is one good sport. I’m looking forward to him being in the next book more since he’s advising Colbie on her business and is now an investor. And sweet little Trouble–she’s not really a trouble maker unless she doesn’t know or like someone. She sure knew which of the detectives she liked and didn’t like! She’s really a good sport to let Colbie take her to the farmers’ market and sit there with a little chef hat on her head. Just like the cover!

I hadn’t guessed the killer in this, never really saw it coming. There were so many possible suspects, good clues and little twists. Since I have the second book, I’m going to read it right away so all these characters are fresh in my brain!

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