Cat About Town–review

This is the first book in the Cat Cafe series by Cate Conte, who may be better known as Liz Mugavero who writes the Pawsitively Organic series. I had been wanting to start this series, so when I ordered the second book in the Cat Cafe series and had requested it from NetGalley, I had a feeling I’d want to read this first book first.

My Goodreads review:

Cat About Town: A Cat Cafe MysteryCat About Town: A Cat Cafe Mystery by Cate Conte

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was such a fun setting and mystery! I just loved that Maddie came to help her grandpa and ended up staying there. I hope the next book reveals the mysterious benefactor.

Maddie James was back home on Daybreak Island off the coast of Massachusetts for her grandma’s funeral. She was staying with her Grandpa Leo, who had been the town’s former chief of police and found out that the president of the chamber of commerce was badgering him to sell his home that had been in their family for generations, just for the land it sat on. On the other hand, some unknown benefactor was paying for the roof to be replaced along with some other repairs. When this chamber president ends up dead, there was no shortage of suspects, since no one in town really liked him or his treatment of some of the small businesses who didn’t see eye to eye with his forward-moving plans. When another body turned up, Maddie knew she’d have to keep checking into things. Hopefully she would live to catch the killer…or were there two since there were two killings?

Everything came together at the end with the perp(s) caught and Grandpa’s new job revealed. He got an offer from an unknown source to fix up his home if he turned it into a cat cafe. Maddie, being great with business and having an awesome business partner in California, realized that this was something she was being called to do.

There were some really awesome characters in this book that I quickly fell in love with, one of course being Grandpa. What a sweetheart! I’d like to see more of Maddie’s sisters and learn something more about them. I thought Leopard Man was pretty cool. Eccentric, weird but that man is no dummy.

I can’t wait to read the next book and hopefully find out who this kind person was that was helping Grandpa–I have my own theory as to what person it might be. I’m also anxious to see if Maddie ends up choosing one of the three men she’s come into contact with now that she was back home, or if she just hangs out with them as friends. Two of them showed more interest in her as far as dating. I think I’m Team Craig because I just like the whole idea of getting back together with a high school sweetheart. But only the author knows for sure. I hope this series will continue beyond book 2.

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