Stay Calm and Collie On–review

This is the first book in the Pet Palace series written by Lane Stone. I sort of found it by accident, then when I found out it took place in Delaware, which I need for my Read Across the USA and Literary Escape challenges, I grabbed it (it was also on sale hehe). But I’m really glad I read it because it was thoroughly enjoyable and laugh out loud funny at times! Oh and I Googled Lewes, Delaware and was surprised but happy to find out it’s a real place!

My Goodreads review:

Stay Calm and Collie On (A Pet Palace Mystery #1)Stay Calm and Collie On by Lane Stone

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a fun idea for a cozy mystery! A pet daycare and spa with a royal theme, co-owned by an American and a British Lady. I really loved the unlikely-seeming business partnership between Sue Patrick and Lady Anthea Fitzwalter from England. This wasn’t an easy mystery to figure out, so I just sat back, read and enjoyed the ride. I knew I’d never figure out who did it. There were some great twists and plot turns, as well as some memorable characters and laugh out loud moments. I enjoyed the sense of humor throughout so much!

Hoping to drive in more business to the Buckingham Pet Palace, Sue Patrick was getting a visit from her business partner from England, Lady Anthea Fitzwalter just as her delivery driver went missing–with three of her clients’ dogs he was supposed to deliver. He showed up dead in her company van, and there was no shortage of suspects. I liked it that the main character wasn’t under suspicion, as is usually the case in a first of series cozy, a refreshing change. The police chief was pretty nice too and seemed very tolerant of Sue and her little band of amateurs investigating. Sue and Anthea made quite the team, along with Shelby and Dana, who were Pet Palace employees. The showdown with the killer was great, and Anthea’s quick thinking saved the day.

The gala with Lady Anthea as the special guest went great and showed that even royalty enjoys digging their feet into a beach sometimes. I hope she stays around, as was hinted (you’ll find out if you read the last part of the last chapter), since I think she and the others all work well together. Anthea was definitely a team player and didn’t use her title as an excuse to get out of even the grunt work at the Pet Palace. I’m anxious to read more in the series, see if Anthea stays for good and also see how if anything ever works out between the police chief and Sue, who seemed to be getting along pretty well.

Just a fun note: What I thought was really cool, is that Lewes, Delaware is a real place! There are so many times when I read a book and the author will say “it’s based on a real place.” I looked up Lewes just for fun–and there’s even a Gilligan’s pub there! I may have found a new bucket list place to visit!

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