Hummus and Homicide–review

This is the first book in the Kebab Kitchen series by Tina Kashian and also her first cozy mystery. I think she hit one right out of the park with this book! It has everything a cozy needs, including a happy ending but just enough uncertainty to keep readers coming back for the next book. I have already ordered the next two books. Stabbed in the Baklava is coming out at the end of August and One Feta in the Grave will be out in late February. Great job, Tina!

My Goodreads review:

Hummus and Homicide (Kebab Kitchen Mystery #1)Hummus and Homicide by Tina Kashian

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Lucy Berberian had quit her job as a patent attorney in Philadelphia when she didn’t make partner. She came home to Ocean Crest, NJ and her parents’ Mediterranean restaurant, Kebab Kitchen and started filling in as a waitress while living with her best friend Katie and Katie’s husband, Bill, who happened to be on the police force. Of course, no trip home is ever complete without a run-in with a high school nemesis. Lucy and Heather Banks had an argument, then Heather showed up as the new health inspector who promptly found numerous things in violation. Imagine Lucy’s surprise when later, going out to the trash can, she found Heather’s dead body out back of the restaurant. Lucy just knew that the police would suspect her since she not only had been last to see her alive, she’d done the serving of her food and drink.

Katie, being the awesome best friend she was, wasn’t going to let Lucy sleuth alone, and the two of them set off to find out some very interesting things, one of which, the police didn’t even know. There was a good twist towards the end, so I won’t go into anything that happened, except everything worked out for the best and people were happy. Now I’m really anxious to see what comes next–good thing I’ve pre-ordered the next two books!

I loved this author’s first cozy mystery! I’m not sure what she wrote under her other name but this book was very well written, great plot and some fun and interesting, as well as likable, characters. When I can feel right at home with characters after only a few chapters, I know the author has done their job well. If you read the acknowledgements in the back and the author’s Amazon bio, you’ll see that Lucy’s life mirrors the author’s life somewhat. Great job, Tina Kashian, I can’t wait to visit Ocean Crest in the next book!

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