Murder Made to Order–review

This is the second in the All-Day Breakfast Café series by Lena Gregory, who also writes the Bay Island Psychic series that I just finished earlier this spring. I loved Scone Cold Killer, the first in this series and I think I like this book even more! I know from her other series, the books and characters just keep getting better! These two series are definitely ones that the friendship described and the emotions in those friendships can cause me to have a leaky eye or two! I just love the sweet dog in this series that Gia has adopted. I think the picture I found captures what Thor probably looks like a lot!

The third book, A Cold Brew Killing, releases in November, stay tuned because I will definitely be reading that one, possibly earlier than its release if I can get my hands on the ARC.

My Goodreads review:

Murder Made to Order (All-Day Breakfast Café Mystery #2)Murder Made to Order by Lena Gregory

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It’s not every day that I can read a book practically non-stop but I sure did that with this one! This book was everything and more that I hoped the next in the series would be. An old mystery was solved, a couple of relationships got even better and Gia had a great personal epiphany.

Gia Morelli and her dog, Thor, were taking a walk in the park when she stumbled onto the body of the council member, Marcia Steers, who just the day before had urgently wanted to talk to her. Her detective friend, Hunter Quinn, aka Hunt, had been acting a little distant lately and Gia found out that before she’d come to Boggy Creek, Hunt and Marcia had been an item. Gia had trust issues but she learned to overcome them in this book and I have to say I’m proud of how she’s grown since the first book. Hunt was removed from the case due to his previous relationship with the deceased but Gia kept on investigating, along with her friend Savannah who was dating Hunt’s detective friend, Leo. Someone seemed to be stalking Gia and she hoped to get to the bottom of this mystery before she ended up dead like Marcia.

I just love this town and the main characters! I think if Earl was real, I’d just need to hug him, he’s that much of a sweetheart. I guess the only people I truly don’t like at all are Maybelle and her husband. Is it awful of me to keep wishing Maybelle is the perp so she’ll be out of the picture? 😉 Gia and Savannah are more than just friends, they’re like sisters and they seem to be lucky enough to have two of the greatest guys available. Some really awesome things happened in the course of the book, the showdown was exciting, what followed was totally sweet and Gia finally came to a decision about where she wanted to be. You’ll just have to read the book if you want to find out all these things. No worries, even though I read the first book, it had been awhile but I didn’t even have to refer to it since the author is really good about explaining previous happenings without giving away any of the spoilers from the first book.

Anxiously awaiting book three now!

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