Too Many Crooks Spoil the Plot–review

This is the first book in a brand new series launched on May 29, written by Sarah Osborne. If this book is any indication of the books to follow, I literally can’t wait for the next books, that’s how much I enjoyed this one! I read it fairly straight through only stopping for meals. Hope everyone else enjoys it as much as I did!

The picture above is what I imagined Hermione, the German Shepherd/collie mix of Ditie’s, looked like.

My Goodreads review:

Too Many Crooks Spoil the Plot (A Ditie Brown Mystery #1)Too Many Crooks Spoil the Plot by Sarah Osborne

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was such a good start for a brand new series! And it was well-titled too because there were definitely a LOT of crooks in this story, or at least suspects!

Ditie Brown was a pediatrician working at a refugee children’s clinic in Atlanta, GA when her childhood friend Ellie asked her to watch her own two kids for a few days. When Ellie ended up murdered, Ditie knew she had to protect these kids. With the help of her best friend Lurleen and her new detective friend, Mason, Ditie had to keep moving the kids around to keep them safe and that made them all wonder just what sort of possible corporate espionage was going on at Sandler Soda. After three total deaths and Mason being removed from the case, it was looking more and more complicated. Ditie was wondering where in this puzzle did her brother Charlie fit in.

Everything eventually came together and got explained very satisfactorily at the end. I always like reading about what happens to some of the minor characters. I especially was happy to see Dan, the private investigator/ex-cop and Lurleen hitting it off as well as Mason and Ditie growing closer.

This book had the excitement I remember from thrillers but none of the creepy factor. It was fun and funny in some parts. Lurleen was such a character! Who wouldn’t want a best friend like her? She was great with the kids and loyal to a fault, which at one point Ditie was hoping wouldn’t also get her killed or hurt. Lurleen is one of my new favorite best friends in a series.

Mason’s mom, Eddie was awesome too. I really hope we get to see more of her in future books, ahem I think she makes fabulous mother-in-law material 😉 I love that she was an ex-cop and a sharpshooter as well. When Mason suggested staying at her house with the kids, he knew it would be safe as Fort Knox with his mom on watch. The two kids, Lucie (8) and Jason (4) were actually pretty nice kids and weren’t written as annoying brats or anything. Lucie was used to protecting her brother since they’d had a rough life with Ellie as their mom. (She was good to them but she had questionable friends.)

I never saw the killer coming at all, what a surprise! There were some great red herrings and plot twists. I enjoyed reading the sneak preview chapter at the end for the next book. There were also some of the yummy recipes that were made throughout the book since Lucie loved to cook and so did Ditie and Eddie.

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