Bad Neighbors–review

This is the 2nd book in the Agnes and Effie series by Maia Chance. I have the first one but had never had a chance to read it. I do plan to read the first one, Bad Housekeeping, but no worries, if you haven’t read it either, this book will still make sense and you won’t be lost. I know I am now a big Aunt Effie fan and can’t wait for more in the series so in the meantime I’ll need to read the first book.

I voluntarily read and reviewed a hardback copy of this book that I was sent.

Bad Neighbors (An Agnes & Effie Mystery #2)Bad Neighbors by Maia Chance

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was so funny and entertaining! I just loved the seniors who were staying at the inn, affectionately known as “the gaggle” when Agnes would have to take them all somewhere. Once I started reading, I just couldn’t put it down! Well written with lots of humor and some very fun and likable characters. I hadn’t read the first book but I never felt lost even once reading this one.

When a busload of senior citizens has their bus break down during a leaf-peeping excursion in Naneda, NY, Agnes and her aunt Effie who along with cousin Chester run the Stagecoach Inn, had to get the place ready very quickly for four guests. Since the inn was nowhere really being able to be used by the public, Effie looked at this as a free test run so she treated her guests like royalty. After it was decided that their bus mechanic was murdered and Otis, Agnes’s almost-boyfriend was fingered as the suspect, things went on a crazy roller coaster ride.

I loved how the seniors followed along and tried to help or advise during the unofficial investigation. Even if Otis was being led away from her by new cupcake shop owner Delilah, Agnes knew he wasn’t guilty and continued her investigation efforts. There were definitely plenty of suspects. I had my suspicions which turned out to be right but it was fun being led one way then another. The whole scene with the Leaf Peeping festival queen and princess was pretty funny even though it could have turned deadly. Everything was wrapped up neatly and Aunt Effie had a fun little surprise at the end for her niece and nephew.

Another scene at the hair salon involving Agnes’s eyebrow job was also a funny one that I could just picture in a comedy mystery movie. I think Lo and Myron were my favorite senior couple. Hank was a doctor but being retired he acted more like a 5 year old as far as his needs went and Dorothea just wanted him to notice her. I could imagine wanting to be friends with any and all of the characters in this book, with the exception of the perp and any mean girls that may be mentioned, lol.

I definitely want to read the first book to see how it all got started with the Stagecoach Inn and what mystery they got into in that first book.

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