A Disguise to Die For–review

This is the first in the Costume Shop series by well-known author Diane Vallere. I’d been hoping to get to this series soon so when one of the book clubs I’m in on Facebook chose it, I was excited to read it. I mean how cool is a costume shop called Disguise DeLimit, where the protagonist, Margo, dresses as someone different every day?

My Goodreads review:

A Disguise to Die For (Costume Shop Mystery, #1)A Disguise to Die For by Diane Vallere

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m so glad one of my online book clubs picked this for their April book because this is yet another one of the series I’ve been wanting to start for awhile. I loved the whole idea of running a costume shop and the fact that our main sleuth, Margo, grew up with the business and now she’s in a position to help out her dad when he needs the help.

Margo Tamblyn was a magician’s assistant by trade in Las Vegas but she was from small town Proper City, NV. She was still at the point of finding herself having gone through many jobs before settling into Vegas. Her dad’s health called her home and since it was just the two of them (her mom died giving birth to her 32 years ago) she went home, no questions asked. Her visit home and running the shop might be extended since she ended up trying to clear her friend Ebony of murdering the town spoiled brat man-child at his birthday party that Ebony had catered and Margo’s shop had sold the costumes to him. Ebony had been like a mom to her since she was five and Margo was determined, with the help of Tak, a DA office friend of just about everyone in town. Hopefully Margo herself won’t become the killer’s next victim!

I really loved this eclectic mix of characters! From Margo herself, her dad Jerry, Bobby Kay who was Margo’s bestie and of course Ebony who unfortunately was caught holding what looked like a murder weapon at the scene. The female detective wasn’t totally unlikable as in some books I’ve read and even the guy who was killed had his nicer moments especially when Margo’s friend Bobby explained about his charitable side and how down deep, he really was just missing his real dad who had passed away.

I definitely didn’t guess the killer this time, what a surprise along with an exciting but nail biting take down! The ending was really satisfying too and I’m anxious to read more in this awesome series!

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