The Plot Is Murder–review

This is the first book in the Mystery Bookshop series by a newer author, V.M. or Valerie Burns. It was kind of nice that it focused completely on the mystery itself and solving it. Sam, the main character had recently lost her husband so there was no romantic hunky guy to sweep her off her feet. I’m not opposed to a little romance in my cozies, it’s fun. But sometimes it’s also fun to not have it at all.

My Goodreads review:

The Plot Is Murder (Mystery Bookshop, #1)The Plot Is Murder by V.M. Burns

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What an awesome start for a new series! This was a well-written book with a mystery in a mystery. Bookshop owner Samantha Washington is also writing a British cozy set in 1938, so it was fun to get a peek first hand at what she was writing and see that case solved right along with the main case.

Sam had recently lost her husband Leon to cancer but carried out both their dreams of owning a mystery bookshop. When the shady real estate agent who was trying to block the sale at the last minute ended up dead out in her courtyard, Sam was of course the prime suspect. Her feisty grandma, Nana Jo (gotta love this lady, she’s awesome!) and her posse of equally feisty and fun senior ladies from her retirement village all stepped in to help Sam. In fact a lot of their sleuthing was done faster and easier than what Sam could find online, although Nana Jo was no stranger to an iPad. Hopefully the real killer would be found before they strike again.

I just love it when seniors are spotlighted as the clever and wonderful people that they are and when the younger people in their lives actually show some appreciation for them. Nana and her friends were so much like the Golden Girls and then some, lol. I laughed out loud when Nana kept calling the detective by his nickname from when she taught him in school!

I thought the idea of having Dawson there was really a good one. Dawson was a college age guy that Sam met early in the story and eventually hired him as summer help. He was being physically and verbally abused by his dad at home so Sam and Nana stepped in to get him away from that situation. I love how he just took over the baking of treats for the bookstore and I’m anxious to see what happens in future books–hoping that Sam’s tearoom will open and they’ll be able to sell his scrumptious goodies there.

The toy poodles, Snickers and Oreo were so adorable! Poodles this size may not be attack dogs but they sure made good guard and watch dogs.

I did guess the killer but I think there were enough clues planted so that the reader could do this if they wanted to guess. The take down was epic! Let’s just say perp + Nana and Co. can’t end well for him! 😉 When the main case was wrapped up, so was the book that Sam was working on. It was interesting to see her switch off to writing as her own life got hectic. Writing is what calmed her down so when Sam needed an escape, we got the next chapter in her mystery.

The end of the book had an excerpt from the next book. I can hardly wait to read that one!

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