All I Want for Christmas Is Fudge–review

This is more of a short story/novella and is numbered as #3.5 on Goodreads so that’s the numbering I like to stay with. I love these little in between stories that series have but I tend to be a stickler on getting them put in the right place and in between the correct books. It was different reading it from Jenn’s point of view instead of Allie’s this time.

My Goodreads review:

All I Want for Christmas Is Fudge (Candy-Coated, #3.5)All I Want for Christmas Is Fudge by Nancy CoCo

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you want a quick, happy ending mystery, then this is definitely for you! I thought it was pretty cool to begin with that this book is written from Jenn’s point of view.

Time jumping from late summer to just before Christmas: Jenn is Allie’s best friend who has missed Mackinac Island so much from when she went back to Chicago at the end of summer, that she is there for a week for Christmas and the Santa Fun Run 10k.

I was so used to recently reading the previous books told from Allie’s viewpoint that I had to remember who “I” was, but it was a lot of fun hearing about the other characters from Jenn’s viewpoint–I also really liked her description of her bestie, Allie.

And just like Allie, Jenn must have a tendency to find bodies because she finds one of the Santa Run participants in a snow bank one of the first mornings she was there doing her morning run. Since no one else was around, of course she’s the person of interest even though the police realize she couldn’t have done it due to later evidence.

The dead man had a girlfriend, a dog and a couple of other friends plus a stalker so there were plenty of suspects. Even though this was a shorter book, it wasn’t lacking for clues and suspense since I didn’t guess who the killer was till it was revealed. I love when Allie gathers everyone around like in the old books and some TV shows, to reveal the killer.

One person Jenn was especially anxious to see was her summer boyfriend, Shane the CSI guy on the island but he seemed a little distant so that was a little side story which turned out really well at the end.

I would love to see a future book in the series set at Christmas but have it be a regular length book. I want to hear about the Christmas festivities on the island and spend time at the McMurphy with my character friends there!

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