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Hold onto your hats, I’ve actually finished a third book in a row! And no there really isn’t anything that stays unsolved to keep me reading other than wanting to see how things progress up to the 5th book since I have already read that one as an advanced copy when it came out last year.

This is the third book in the Candy Coated series by Nancy Coco. To be totally honest, I still think I like book 2 a little better but this one was still exciting and it had some really nice family and couple moments.

My Goodreads review:

Oh Say Can You Fudge (Candy-Coated, #3)Oh Say Can You Fudge by Nancy CoCo

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This series is so much fun! There always seemed to be a dog and something chase. In this book, Mal chases a cat around the McMurphy hotel that was let in accidentally and of course it’s like a little comedy during that scene. And Allie may just have another new pet on her hands that she’s not sure if she can even keep at the hotel due to health regs for her fudge shop.

I’m really enjoying this series from the awesome Mackinac Island setting to the adventures in mystery that Allie and her team of friends are having. This time it’s close to the Fourth of July and Allie has volunteered to head up the fireworks committee. Only one minor problem…someone blew up the fireworks and Allie, who was coming to the warehouse to talk to the guy in charge of the fireworks show, had spotted a body in the building just prior to that. The big question is, are they looking for one perp or two different ones?

I love how Allie and her friends investigate. The hotel team along with Trent gets together and discusses the crime much like they do on TV shows and everyone decides on something they can do to help investigate (with or without Rex’s blessing). This time they made an arson board (as opposed to a murder board even though there was a murder involved) Hopefully Allie won’t get so close to the truth that she ends up the next one toasted, literally!

I liked the new character introduced, Sophie, who is the official island pilot. She actually works for the Grand Hotel but if someone can pay the fare, she takes just about anyone off and onto the island who may not want to bother with the ferry. Allie’s parents came for the celebration and it was fun to see them wanting to protect their girl and just be parents. I could tell her dad really missed being on the island.

I’ll be moving to the next book soon!

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