Lethal in Old Lace–review

This is the fifth book in the popular Consignment Shop series by Duffy Brown. She also writes the Cycle Path Mysteries. I’ve read both of those that are out and they are just as hilarious as this series. If you want to have a great time reading and laugh out loud, pick up a copy of this book that just released this week!

My Goodreads review:

Lethal in Old Lace (Consignment Shop Mystery #5)Lethal in Old Lace by Duffy Brown

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was absolutely hilarious! There were so many fun moments and laugh out loud happenings from a chick food fight to an old guy fight at a funeral viewing. Of course Aunt Kiki was right in the thick of things as always and helping in a fairly major way with this investigation. I loved that Reagan’s mom, the judge, got in on some of the snooping fun this time. I had only read the first in this series but just couldn’t resist reading ahead since it was no secret that Reagan and Boone would be getting married, something I started wishing for in the first book.

The book starts up right on the heels of the previous book. Reagan said yes and practically promised Boone she’d never pay attention to another dead body again. The only problem was that there was a body in the Fritz sisters’ car and Reagan certainly didn’t want them to go to jail for something they didn’t do. A whole comedy of errors follows, one funny situation after the other which leads to a pretty awesome conclusion where BW, Reagan and Boone’s rescue dog, gets to be a hero.

I didn’t guess the killer very early, but I did have suspicions all along about that person.

There was a little side mystery concerning Uncle Putter meeting with Boone over some legal matters but it seems like that might be an ongoing future small plot since nothing was explained about it. I loved the whole wedding planning craziness. One minute they didn’t want a big wedding, next minute there was one being planned. A super fun roller coaster ride that you won’t want to miss! I probably should get caught up on the rest of the series before the next book comes out but I’m so anxious for that to happen too.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance e-copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher.

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