Pressing the Issue–review

Here’s the sixth book in one of my favorite series, the Cookbook Nook by Daryl Wood Gerber. She also writes the Cheese Shop mysteries (set in Ohio!) as Avery Aames and I thought it was cool that she referred to one of the characters in this book. Also, one of the visiting characters had spent time at Ohio State so it was fun hearing familiar places mentioned.

My Goodreads review:

Pressing the Issue (Cookbook Nook Mystery, #6)Pressing the Issue by Daryl Wood Gerber

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I didn’t want this book to end! From the mystery itself to all the different couples either getting engaged, married or talking about doing that, not to mention a really awesome Renaissance Fair, I could have kept on reading and reading. I wasn’t caught up in the series but have read the first three. I was just anxious to read this one and readers will be happy to know it can be read by itself since everything is always explained well without giving away any juicy details from previous books.

Crystal Cove is having its annual Ren Fair and all the businesses are getting their stalls ready so they can entice fair goers with all their goods and products There’s a new couple in town, temporarily living in Pepper Pritchard’s house (while she lives with her daughter, police chief, Cinnamon…don’t ask how that’s going lol) and they seem to have an air of mystery about them.

Nick Baldini is in charge of the fair as Henry the 8th as always, and putting together a video of “fair-speak” telling newcomers how to speak medieval and have fun with it along with their costumes. When he ends up dead, there is no end to the possibility of suspects. Jenna, as usual, is investigating against police orders of course while everyone tries their best to be business as usual. It didn’t help that poor Bailey and her finace Tito were having Nick plan their wedding which was to be at Baldini vineyards.

Things all around aren’t adding up for Jenna but in true fashion, she manages to help solve the case and put the killer away. One of these days she hopes for Cinnamon to actually consider her a friend without scowling at her investigating.

I love returning to Crystal Cove! All my favorite characters and then some were there. I always get such a kick out of Aunt Vera and her vibes, card readings and all that fun stuff. I really enjoyed how all the characters were getting into the medieval thing and using fair-speak. It was pretty funny when Jenna’s dad was getting into it because in the first couple of books there’s no way he would have. He’s been having a lot more fun in life and lightening up.

I can’t wait to see what’s in store next for my friends in Crystal Cove!

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