A Measure of Murder-review

This is the second book in the Sally Solari series by Leslie Karst. Another murder mystery with twists that I definitely didn’t figure out.

My Goodreads review:

A Measure of Murder: A Sally Solari MysteryA Measure of Murder: A Sally Solari Mystery by Leslie Karst

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sally’s joined a choral group that will be performing the Mozart piece she always dreamed of singing but somehow in the process, one of the members ends up dead, having fallen out a window in the building they use for rehearsal. Since Sally was formerly a lawyer and got some publicity when she helped solve her Aunt Letta’s murder, she gets talked into helping find the killer. Hopefully she won’t be the next victim as she gets closer to the truth! Especially after a second body is found.

It was fun visiting with the characters I remembered from the first book. I think Javier and Sally’s dad are my favorites even though her dad wasn’t in this story a whole lot. A lot of the book dealt with technical language regarding music, singing and composers, which to me wasn’t quite so interesting but I was still interested in finding out who the killer was, and it was not the person I was thinking. There were some good twists in the plot as well as a side mystery which was solved and the person responsible decided to do the right thing about it.

I liked that Sally and her dad were coming to a better understanding of what she wants to do. She is still helping at Solari but she really is hoping to ease another woman into her position so she can take on cooking at the restaurant her aunt left her, Gaugin. Her dad seemed much more calm and understanding.

As always, the food mentioned in the book sounds scrumptious and for anyone inclined to try some of the recipes, there are four of them after the book ends.

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1 thought on “A Measure of Murder-review”

  1. My biggest problem with reading cozy mysteries has always been that I get hungry with every mention of food. I swear, cozy mysteries are obsessed with cooking, knitting, and books! Love your reviews! I look forward to reading them every day.


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