Crafts, Crimes and Country Clubs–review

This is the 8th book in the Craft Circle series by Stacey Alabaster. This is actually the first one of it I’ve read but I liked the characters so I want to start at the beginning.

My Goodreads review:

Crafts, Crimes, and Country Clubs (Craft Circle Cozy Mystery Book 8)Crafts, Crimes, and Country Clubs by Stacey Alabaster

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

George aka Georgina and her police boyfriend Ryan are headed to a relaxing three day ski resort when he’s called onto duty. He storms back to the police station to argue that he was supposed to be off for three days and comes back satisfied. Later in their room at the resort, a call comes in that Ryan’s not so popular boss, Det. Nicholas, was murdered so this interrupts their weekend for good. A neighboring police force is called in since the entire force in Pottsville is considered suspects until proven otherwise.

In the meantime, a woman has set up a crafts stall right in front of George’s craft shop. Her employee, Brenda, is livid and looks into getting the woman ousted since she most likely doesn’t even have a license to be there.

Suspecting Det. Nicholas’s wife of murdering him, George decides to go undercover to get herself into an exclusive ladies’ group that the wife is in. When one of the women takes a spill outside, George gets worried that she might be found out and be next!

Admittedly this is the first of this series that I’ve read but I do want to go to the beginning and find out how George and Ryan happened to get together, find out more about the craft shop itself.

This book was really good as it had a very unexpected twist to it that I never would have guessed! I did read an advance copy of the book but wasn’t able to post reviews till today. But I pre-ordered a copy as well.

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