When the Grits Hit the Fan–review

This is the third book in the Country Store series by Maddie Day. It was kind of fun reading about a secret tunnel in Robbie’s building. You’ll have to read it and find out where it leads!

My Goodreads review:

When the Grits Hit the Fan (Country Store Mysteries, #3)When the Grits Hit the Fan by Maddie Day

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It’s February and Robbie Jordan has gone three whole months without finding a body or experiencing a murder in South Lick. She’s just fine with that. Since winter started, she gave herself another day off each week and started on the demolition of the upstairs of the building she bought, hoping to someday turn it into rooms for a bed and breakfast.

But this is short-lived when she and her cyclist friend Lou find the body of a not so well liked professor and local guy named Charles. He was in the frozen lake under an ice fishing hole. Detective Octavia is back in this book as well so she’s taken over the case. Buck tried to keep Robbie up to date but there’s not a whole lot he can tell her. Robbie still investigates despite a warning note found in her barn that got broken into.

I can’t really dislike Octavia for doing her job so I wasn’t too upset to see her return. I like the turn that Robbie and Abe’s relationship has taken. I think one of my favorite parts was when Robbie got Buck to explore a secret tunnel with her. It was almost like something out of an old Nancy Drew book which Robbie and Danna talked about later.

This time I really wasn’t sure about the killer due to some clever red herrings the author put in but it was fun to see it play out. The take down was really exciting and there was some good closure to a couple of other side mysteries. Now I’m all caught up and ready for the next book in this series!

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