Deadly Deals and Donuts–review

This book is the first book in the Donut Truck series by Cindy Bell. I liked this one a lot better than one other one I read by her. I knew she was a good author so it’s possible that it was just the mystery of the other book I didn’t get into. This one was very good and I plan to keep getting these from Kindle Unlimited.

My Goodreads review:

Deadly Deals and Donuts (Donut Truck Mystery #1)Deadly Deals and Donuts by Cindy Bell

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’ve had this book from Kindle Unlimited for awhile so I finally got around to reading it and I’m really glad I did! I loved the idea of a donut truck and also thought it was really fun that one of the owners is Brenda, a mom with a little girl and a husband and the other owner is Joyce, a 60-something widow of a police officer. Which is basically what makes Joyce so interested in investigating.

Joyce and Brenda are going about their business of getting their donut food truck going and hoping to be noticed eventually so they’ll be able to take part in some of the town activities as a concessions truck. Joyce literally trips over a dead body by the neighboring hot dog truck which turns out to be Adam, the truck’s owner.

Lots of shady characters abound, including Vince, a local guy rumored to have been into drugs. But it’s not drugs this time that seems to have gotten yet another one of the food truck owners murdered. Charlie, Brenda’s reporter husband, is worried about her and Joyce if there’s some maniac out there offing the food truck vendors. Joyce and Brenda do most of the investigating together but Joyce goes out on her own a time or two. She has the extra confidence of having had a police officer, Davey, as her late husband.

This was really a good, smooth moving mystery that kept my attention the whole time. There weren’t a lot of unnecessary details but there were lots of likable characters and several suspects and motives. It had just enough twists to keep me from figuring out who the killer was until the author revealed it.

Oh and just a side note, I thought the idea of a pet bunny (Joyce’s pet, Molly) was so adorable. Usually in cozies, it’s a cat or dog so it was just a fun little outside the box idea I guess to have a pet rabbit. Joyce and Brenda worked so well together, almost like mother and daughter and Charlie was an amazing and supportive, yet protective husband. I liked Detective Crackle more than I sometimes like the officer in charge. He was still advising them not to investigate but he at least wasn’t out and out rude with them. I’m anxious to keep reading on in this series!

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