The Missing Mistletoe–review

This is a very sweet story by Debbie DeLouise of Cobble Cove and Sneaky the Library cat mystery fame . It has a time travel/time warp/dream sequence with a warm and fuzzy ending. It’s not a cozy mystery like I usually read but I knew anything by this author will be good and it was! I could just picture it as a Hallmark movie.

My Goodreads review:

The Missing MistletoeThe Missing Mistletoe by Debbie De Louise

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a very sweet short Christmas story that involves time travel, maybe parallel time, or possibly just a dream…I think the author lets us use our imaginations on this. Anna is a writer whose recent breakup with her boyfriend finds her in San Francisco where her realtor sister Emily has found her the perfect old Victorian to live in.

While she’s there taking a tour, she thinks she sees a nursery. Then she finds a piece of old mistletoe. Deciding to put up the mistletoe and falling seems to have moved Anna into another time, a crucial time for the history of this old house. Everyone is someone she knows but of course they don’t know her. Can she get out of this strange time warp? Or does she even want to after meeting a special someone?

I really loved this short story the first time I read it in an anthology so when it became available by itself, I was happy to get it because I really wanted to just review it by itself. Some of the anthology itself was good (like this story and another) and some was just, meh. I could read this story over and over and probably never get tired of it!

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