Fireworks in Paradise–review

I finished Fireworks in Paradise, #7 in the TJ Jensen series by Kathi Daley today. This was another mystery where there wasn’t a current murder that took place but a recent death that was a few weeks ago and had been proven as non-accidental. TJ and her friend Kyle were also investigating an eight-year old killing so there were plenty of suspects and speculations as to whether the killer was one and the same.

Here’s my Goodreads review:

Fireworks in Paradise (A TJ Jensen Mystery #8)Fireworks in Paradise by Kathi Daley

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

TJ Jensen comes home from a South Carolina vacation to find her dad in a coma. He was riding with his good friend Judge Harper when the brakes gave out and the car crashed. The judge didn’t make it. It was discovered the brake line was cute so TJ and Kyle decide to investigate. Unofficially, they have Deputy Roy Fisher’s blessing but he warns them to be careful because his new partner, Kate, is very by the book and doesn’t believe civilians should interfere with police work.

Even though the circumstances were bad, TJ is glad they are back home for the annual July 4 celebration in Paradise Lake. She just feels bad that her dad will be spending it in the hospital instead of right in the middle of all the fun and activities.

In digging up a lot of various information pieces from the judge’s files and other sources, TJ and Kyle soon have a list of suspects which they either talk to together or each take one and interview them. In the meantime, TJ’s dad is doing well and is getting stir-crazy in the hospital, wanting to come home.

The last TJ Jensen I read was the second book so there have been a few things going on that changed a little between book 2 and book 7 but this book could still stand alone since the author is really good at explaining without going into too much detail. Most of the characters were familiar so it was like visiting some old friends again. The mystery was solved and everyone felt better knowing the killer would be put away for a long time.

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