Dial Meow for Murder, a purring good time!

Dial Meow for Murder (Lucky Paws Petsitting Mystery, #2)Dial Meow for Murder by Bethany Blake

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It’s getting close to Halloween and the Fur-Ever Friends Pet Rescue gala event is underway. Daph Templeton is helping her sister and friends put the finishing touches on the evening. When she goes looking for the woman usually in charge of the event inside her mansion, she finds that her mother, Maeve, is also putting the final touches on selling the mansion. In trying to chase down the owner’s elusive cat, Tinkleston, Daph finds the body of his owner, Lillian Flynt, in the bathtub.

Evidence of course points to Maeve since she was with the deceased recently and trying to sell the house for her so Daph is not going to leave this case alone until she clears her mother’s name. To add even more mayhem to the situation, her detective friend Jonathan Black’s ex-wife is in town and is the person who wants to buy the mansion. It’s tense sailing for Daph and Jonathan who seem to be growing a tad closer but when they’re together it seems that Elyse is also there.

Daph’s good friend Dylan is also needing to speak to her in private so she’s a little on edge about that too. Since she’s doing a lot of investigating lately, Daph will need to watch her back especially when she stumbles onto a second murder victim!

This was another fun and exciting mystery in this series. There were tons of suspects and reasons so I really couldn’t decide who the killer was. I picked up on a clue the author left and thought maybe it was that but I wasn’t sure of why. As always I just enjoyed the excitement and humor that went along with the story.

Moxie is still my favorite secondary character, she’s such a hoot and Artie remains my favorite dog character but slow-moving Socrates actually plays a little bit bigger of a role in this book. I was glad for that because I have a special soft spot for basset hounds. Although Socrates wouldn’t like me very much because I would want to hug on him a lot!

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