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When I had seen this book for pre-sale on Amazon, it sounded so intriguing, and I’m really glad now that I got it and decided to read it right away. I just had to write a post about it and am so anxious now to read the next book.

The new series is called Barks & Beans which is also the name of the cafe where customers can get coffee and go hang out with some shelter dogs. The author is Heather Day Gilbert who from what I can tell, isn’t normally a cozy mystery author, but she definitely did a great job with this first entry.

My Goodreads review:

No Filter (Barks & Beans Cafe Cozy Mystery, #1)No Filter by Heather Day Gilbert

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh do I love this new series! Siblings Bo and Macy Hatfield were such awesome characters who definitely used their brains before proceeding into possible danger. Most of the time Macy was very good about keeping her brother in the loop about her investigating until she found out a reason why it was extra dangerous, even to him. I don’t want to give away any of the fun details, but after learning more about the brother and sister duo, I kind of suspected there would be an ongoing story line which was actually a mini cliff hanger, but that makes me all the more anxious to read the next book.

Dogs and a cafe, win-win to me, and it ended up helping the local animal shelter so much that they nearly ran out of dogs to adopt out. I really liked the character of Summer, the girl who ran the shelter and was glad to see that she and Macy hit it off as good friends. Hopefully she’ll get together with Bo. Macy had a couple of possibilities for guys who seemed to like her, so it’ll be interesting to watch that play out in future books. There were some great red herrings, and I hadn’t guessed the killer. The showdown was absolutely awesome with Coal, the Great Dane saving the day. Macy couldn’t have adopted a cooler more intelligent dog!

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4 thoughts on “No Filter review”

  1. Coal is such an awesome dog, I think you’ll like it! Especially the idea of a cafe where people can go hang out with dogs. Cat cafes always sounded cool, but I’m all kinds of allergic to cats, so I’d have to love them in my mind behind glass LOL


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