Bookmarked for Murder review

This is the fifth book in the Mystery Bookshop series by one of my favorite cozy authors, V.M. Burns or Valerie as she’s known on social media. I love her Dog Club series as well. This book was another winner, and even though I guessed the killer, that doesn’t mean I didn’t temporarily fall for some of the red herrings. Nana Jo is one of my all-time favorite cozy characters, and she really shone in this book.

My Goodreads review:

Bookmarked for Murder (Mystery Bookshop, #5)Bookmarked for Murder by V.M. Burns

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sam had finally agreed to take a mini vacation from the bookstore and went with her Nana and the other senior sleuths to Chicago. Before they could return home, the guy that Irma was seeing was found dead on the bus. There were plenty of suspects, but somehow I managed to guess the correct one. Of course, as usual, I didn’t know any of the reasoning behind why I picked. It just seemed to be the right person.

The showdown was very exciting…how else would it be with Nana Jo involved? The ending was so heartwarming as everyone was together for the New Year celebration. I loved how Irma was featured in this book, since she always cracks me up, but the attempt on her life wasn’t too funny. I’m enjoying where Frank and Samantha are in their relationship, it’s just very sweet and believable. As always, I’m anxious for the next book in the series!

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