Cruisin’ Through the Cozies Challenge 2018

UPDATE: I finished my challenge today, August 18, 2018, what a fun cruise!
This sounded like a fun challenge when Yvonne at Socrates’ Book Reviews posted about it on her blog. Here’s the original post.  I’m also tracking mine at Goodreads.

I’m jumping in at Level 4 since all I read are cozies anyway. I think that Option B sounds fun so I’ll just keep editing as I go. Good luck to everyone! (Thank you to Jane Reads for letting me use your template!)

Level four (Sleuth Extraordinaire) –
A)Read 40 cozy mysteries of your choice.
B)Read two books from each sub-genre in level one plus an additional 20 cozy books of your choice (total of 40 books)

2018 Cruisin’ thru the Cozies:

1. Culinary (spice shop) Assault and Pepper (A Spice Shop Mystery #1) by Leslie Budewitz
Assault and Pepper, #1 Spice Shop Mysteries, Leslie Budewitz

2. Culinary Vangie Vale & the Murdered Macaron (The Matchbaker Mysteries, #1) by R.L. Syme
Vangie Vale and the Murdered Macaron, #1 Matchbaker, R.L. Syne

3. Animal-related All Bark and No White Knight (Happy Tails Dog Walking Mysteries Book 4) by Stella St. Claire
All Bark and No White Knight, #4 Happy Tails Dog Walking, Stella St.Claire

4. Animal-related Purr M for Murder (Cat Rescue Mystery, #1) by T.C. LoTempio
Purr M for Murder, #1 Cat Rescue, T.C. LoTempio

5. Craft-related Crafts, Crimes, and Country Clubs (Craft Circle Cozy Mystery Book 8) by Stacey Alabaster
Crafts, Crimes and Country Clubs, #8 Craft Circle, Stacey Alabaster

6. Craft-related Knit, Purl, Die (Black Sheep Knitting Mysteries, #2) by Anne Canadeo Knit, Purl, Die, #2 Black Sheep Knitting–Anne Canadeo

7. Paranormal  Better Dead (A B&B Spirits Mystery #1) by Pamela Kopfler
Better Dead, #1 B&B Spirits, Pamela Kopfler

8. Paranormal Death a la Carte (Black Horse Inn #1) by Lucinda D. Davis
Death a la Carte, #1 Black Horse Inn, Lucinda D. Davis

9. Outside the US (France) Dead and Ganache (A Chocolate Whisperer Mystery #4) by Colette London
Dead and Ganache, #4 Chocolate Whisperer, Collette London

10. Outside the US (south English Coast) Dead in the Water (Scarlet Cove #1) by Agatha Frost
Dead in the Water, #1 Scarlet Cove, Agatha Frost/Evelyn Amber

11. Career-based (brewer) Death on Tap (A Sloan Krause Mystery #1) by Ellie Alexander
Death on Tap, #1 Sloan Krause, Ellie Alexander
12. Career-based (pet sitter) Dial Meow for Murder (Lucky Paws Petsitting Mystery #2) by Bethany Blake
Dial Meow for Murder, #2 Lucky Paws Pet Sitting, Bethany Blake
13. Holiday-based (Thanksgiving) Cold as Ice (The Country Club Murders #6) by Julie Mulhern
Cold As Ice, #6 Country Club Murders, Julie Mulhern
14. Holiday-based (Christmas) Death by Eggnog (Bookstore Café Mystery #5) by Alex Erickson
Death by Eggnog, #5 Bookstore Cafe, Alex Erickson

15. Travel Death in a Beach Chair (Susan Henshaw, #15) by Valerie Wolzien  Death in a Beach Chair, #15 Susan Henshaw–Valerie Wolzien

16. Travel A Stewed Observation (the dinner club murder mysteries, #4) by Karen C. Whalen  A Stewed Observation, #4 Dinner Club Murder Mystery–Karen C. Whalen

17. Historical Cards on the Table (Hercule Poirot, #15) by Agatha Christie Cards on the Table, #15 Hercule Poirot–Agatha Christie

18. Historical Murder at the Breakers (Gilded Newport Mysteries #1) by Alyssa Maxwell  Murder at the Breakers, #1 Gilded Newport Mystery–Alyssa Maxwell

19. Freebie Kept in the Bark (Happy Tails Dog Walking Mysteries Book 5) by Stella St. Claire
Kept in the Bark, #5 Happy Tails Dog Walking–Stella St.Claire

20. Freebie Fireworks in Paradise (A TJ Jensen Mystery #8) by Kathi Daley
Fireworks in Paradise, #7 TJ Jensen in Paradise, Kathi Daley

Additional 20:

21. Murder With Peacocks (Meg Langslow, #1) by Donna Andrews
Murder with Peacocks, #1 Meg Langslow, Donna Andrews

22. Death by Didgeridoo (Jamie Quinn Mystery #1) by Barbara Venkataraman
Death by Didgeridoo, #1 Jamie Quinn, Barbara Venkataraman

23. The Root of All Evil A Glock Grannies Cozy Mystery by Shannon VanBergen
The Root of All Evil, #2 Glock Grannies, Shannon VanBergen

24. Crime and Cupcakes (Des and Dee #1) by Susan D. Baker
Crime and Cupcakes, #1 Des and Dee Culinary Cozy, Susan D. Baker

25. Deadly Deals and Donuts (Donut Truck Mystery #1) by Cindy Bell
Deadly Deals and Donuts, #1 Donut Truck, Cindy Bell

26. Killer Apple Pie (Pies and Pages Mysteries #1) by Carolyn Q. Hunter
Killer Apple Pie, #1 Pies and Pages, Carolyn Q. Hunter

27. Grilled For Murder (Country Store Mysteries, #2) by Maddie Day
Grilled for Murder, #2 Country Store, Maddie Day

28. When the Grits Hit the Fan (Country Store Mysteries, #3) by Maddie Day
When the Grits Hit the Fan, #3 Country Store, Maddie Day

29. The Snowman Killer (Alaska Mystery #1) by Wendy Meadows
The Snowman Killer, #1 Alaska Cozy, Wendy Meadows

30. Scone Cold Killer (All-Day Breakfast Café Mystery #1) by Lena Gregory
Scone Cold Killer, #1 All-Day Breakfast Cafe, Lena Gregory

31. A Measure of Murder A Sally Solari Mystery by Leslie Karst
A Measure of Murder, #2 Sally Solari, Leslie Karst

32. Biscuits and Slashed Browns (Country Store Mysteries #4) by Maddie Day
Biscuits and Slashed Browns, #4 Country Store, Maddie Day

33. Bless Her Dead Little Heart (Southern Ladies Mystery, #1) by Miranda James
Bless Her Dead Little Heart, #1 Southern Ladies, Miranda James

34. Death Crashes the Party (Liv And Di In Dixie Mystery #1) by Vickie Fee
Death Crashes the Party, #1 Liv and Di in Dixie, Vickie Fee

35. Survival of the Fritters (Deputy Donut Mystery #1) by Ginger Bolton
Survival of the Fritters, #1 Deputy Donut, Ginger Bolton

36. Curses, Boiled Again! (A Lobster Shack Mystery #1) by Shari Randall
Curses, Boiled Again!, #1 Lobster Shack, Shari Randall

37. Fatality by Firelight (Cat Latimer Mystery, #2) by Lynn Cahoon
Fatality by Firelight, #2 Cat Latimer, Lynn Cahoon

38. Of Murder and Men (Cat Latimer Mystery, #3) by Lynn Cahoon
Of Murder and Men, #3 Cat Latimer, Lynn Cahoon

39. Double Whammy (Davis Way Crime Caper, #1) by Gretchen Archer
Double Whammy, #1 Davis Way Crime Caper, Gretchen Archer

40. The Secret, Book and Scone Society by Ellery Adams
The Secret, Book & Scone Society, #1 The Secret, Book & Scone Society, Ellery Adams