Audio Book Challenge 2018

I thought this sounded interesting. I heard about it from Yvonne aka Socrates’ Book Reviews and it’s sponsored by Caffeinated Reviewer and Hot Listens. If you’re interested in signing up for this challenge just click on either of those links and it will take you to where you can do that.

I signed up for the Newbie level aka I’ll give it a try, 1-5 audio books. I did listen to my very first audio book recently. It was Hen of the Baskervilles, Meg Lanslow series by Donna Andrews. A book friend on Facebook recommended this series because to her it was easy to get into, and I found she was right. I was able to concentrate on the story and know just as much what was going on as I would have if I had read it.

To me the only drawback would be not being able to run back and read about a particular character again. I hadn’t read or listened to anything in this series yet but I would like to listen to another one. The narrator of this series, if they keep the same one, Berndette Dunne, was really good and her voice held my interest. I borrowed the copy I listened to from Overdrive through my library. I did actually try out some others but found they were hard to get into.

I listened to this audio book while I was sewing for craft shows.

I’ll list the audio books I listen to right here:


1. Cookies, Corpses and the Deadly Haunt by Rachael Stapleton Cookies, Corpses and the Deadly Haunt, #1 Haunted House Flippers by Rachael Stapleton, narrated by Ellora Sen Gupta (who I like very much as a narrator) My Audible review is here if you want to see it: My review for this audio book

2.  If the Shoe Kills, #3 Tourist Trap by Lynn Cahoon, narrated by Susan Boyce