2018 Purrfect Reading Challenge

UPDATE 8/29/18: I’m officially at the Kneading level since I went over ten books.

UPDATE 8/28/18: As of today, I made the Purring level and I know I’ll be moving on to Kneading since I’m reading the second book in Gourmet Cat.

As if I really needed another challenge, right? It’s all in fun and since I do like cozies with cats, I thought I’d try this one. The books have to have a cat as the main character though, not just be a cozy with a cat since most cozies do have cats.

If you want to sign up, Yvonne from Socrates Book Reviews is also running this one. There’s a group on Goodreads called Cat Mystery Readers–you can start a folder in there or use this link to sign up on her blog, The Purrfect Reading Challenge.

Here are the different levels but I’m going to start with Purring

Purring – Read 1-10 cat mysteries
Kneading – Read 11-20 cat mysteries
Meowing – Read 21-30 cat mysteries
Catnip – Go crazy and read at least 31 and go as high as you’d like – the sky is the limit!

  1. Purr M for Murder (Cat Rescue Mystery, #1) by T.C. LoTempio Purr M for Murder, #1 Cat Rescue, TC LoTempio

2. Survival of the Fritters (Deputy Donut Mystery #1) by Ginger Bolton Survival of the Fritters-Deputy Donuts aka Dep the cat played a fairly big role
#1 Deputy Donut, Ginger Bolton

3. Death By A Whisker (Cat Rescue Mystery, #2) by T.C. LoTempio Death by a Whisker, #2 Cat Rescue, TC LoTempio

4. Purrfect Murder (Hazel Hart #1) by Louise Lynn  Purrfect Murder, #1 Hazel Hart, Louise Lynn

5.  Cat Got Your Corpse A Hazel Hart Cozy Mystery Six by Louise Lynn  Cat Got Your Corpse, #6 Hazel Hart, Louise Lynn

6.  Cat About Town (Cat Cafe Mystery, #1) by Cate Conte  Cat About Town, #1 Cat Cafe, Cate Conte

7.  Purrder She Wrote (Cat Cafe Mystery, #2) by Cate Conte  Purrder She Wrote, #2 Cat Cafe, Cate Conte

8.  Fillet of Murder (Deep Fried Mystery #1) by Linda Reilly  Fillet of Murder, #1 Deep Fried, Linda Reilly

9. Goodbye Cruller World (Deputy Donut Mystery #2) by Ginger Bolton  Goodbye, Cruller World, #2 Deputy Donut–Ginger Bolton

10. The Trouble with Murder (Gourmet Cat Mystery #1) by Kathy Krevat  The Trouble with Murder, #1 Gourmet Cat–Kathy Krevat

11. The Trouble with Truth (Gourmet Cat Mystery #2) by Kathy Krevat The Trouble with Truth, #2 Gourmet Cat–Kathy Krevat

12. The Cats Came Back (Magical Cats, #10) by Sofie Kelly The Cats Came Back, #10 Magical Cats–Sofie Kelly

13. Curiosity Thrilled the Cat (A Magical Cats Mystery, #1) by Sofie Kelly  Curiosity Thrilled the Cat, #1 Magical Cats–Sofie Kelly